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"...full of practical advice that's easy-to-follow and fun to experiment with...gave us immediate results so we were able to monitor the progress right away...I especially loved the small ideas such as bath toy letters..." Marisa Terrizzi

"Fun, informative and well worth the read...I love this book...encouraging...a wonderful sense of humor, and the illustrations are funny but very much thoughtful." Amazon Parent review

"This is great for busy parents and parents of newborns who do not have time to sit down and read a long book. I would recommend this book to parents who feel overwhelmed and don’t know how to start communicating with their child or for others who may be looking for ideas to jumpstart their child’s communication skills." Karianne Wilkins - Early To Learn

"Now we have a concise and intelligent book we can turn to for help when we need it. Jeremy and Karina Sweet have written a wonderful guide which gives techniques that encourage our babies to learn to speak sooner. If you are a parent or grandparent looking for help, you will certainly want to buy this excellent easy-to-read book which will, no doubt, jump-start your child's vocabulary. " B. Davis - Crazy About Books

"...a very useful book, perfect length and full of humor and useful tips. The recap section is very useful and the book gives confidence and support to parents..." Carolyne and Yuval Ron - Parents

"There were lots of helpful hints and tricks to help your child start talking...I highly recommend this book to those with's a great resource." Heather Singh (Amazon Review)

"My son is 8 months old and already says, DaDa, Cat and Up! He is way farther along than I would have ever thought. He knows what I'm saying most of the time. This book really helped explain how to communicate better with him. And, it's working!" Hilary Angelo

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