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The Talking Baby

Acclaim From The Experts

"…a delightfully written book, which offers parents a unique and valuable way of bonding with their baby" - Dr. Sandra Kagan, Ph.D. Marriage, Family Child Therapist

"…great asset to parents…clear, straightforward, easy to implement" - Barbara Billington, Smart, National Board Certified Teacher

"…this book is a keeper…a wonderful gift for prospective parents. When children can speak early, they can better express what they want, are less frustrated, happier, and more empowered…this early language development leads to an earlier readiness for reading and participation in the next developmental stages" - Roberta Corwin Robinson, M.A. (Marriage and Family Therapy),

"…a parent friendly guide that highlights language building opportunities in everyday child centered activities." - Marshall Fenig, M.A. CCC-SLP (Speech Language Pathologist), M.Ed. ECSC

"…a great source of information for any parent looking to help their child speak early" - Dr. Scott Aaron, M.D.- Child and Adolescent Psychiatrist

"…wonderful tool for parents - very informative and enjoyable reading" - Nancy Johnson, Elementary School Teacher

"…fun and informative" - Dr. Rachel Kramer, M.D., Pediatrics

"…an important and useful read for any parent…" - Jeremy & Karina Sweet, Book Authors (-:

"...aimed at getting babies to speak sooner....filled with lots of great ideas" - TCM Reviews,

"I really enjoy how the authors make the learning process interactive and fun. Many of the techniques that are used in teaching your child to talk are also key in helping your child learn other things as well...definitely worthy of your reading time and money! " - Charles Evans, Top Amazon Reviewer

"The advice is invaluable. This will make a nice gift for new parents. " - Readers Favorite - Vine Voice, Top Amazon Reviewer - Readers Favorite

"...filled with lots of great ideas..." - Tami Brady, Whole Health Therapist

"...a guide for parents who want to spur their child's development in the avenue of speech. Exploring what makes a child learn in the early years, there is much a parent can do to help their young one. "The Talking Baby" is a surefire way to help a parent bond with their child and gain a leg up on education." - Able Greenspan, Midwest Book Review

"Sweet's book is packed with information for any new and aspiring parent on the trials and tribulations of bringing a baby into the world and teaching it to speak. It is also a book about the importance of creating a certain type of environment for the baby to thrive and grow into the happiest little child possible." - Irene S. Roth, The Muse Book Reviewer

"Five Stars. A straight forward, practical advice book to encourage children to talk. Such a nice change from all the baby sign books." - Sarah Sammis, Good Reads

"All of the advice is very straight forward and reassuring. It's the sort of stuff parents do naturally but might not think about or understand the benefits of certain techniques. As other reviewers have said, the book is probably best for parents of children under two. If you're a parent of a child between six and eighteen months, this book should be on your radar. " - Puss Reboots - A Book Review A Day,